Feminist Hacklab – 30 October 2012

Thanks to some input from take back the tech, this Tuesday’s Feminist Hacklab will seek to address several internet security issues, including: 1. Using https 2. keepass 3. tor/anomy 4. ccleaner 5. truecrypt 5. https://securityinabox.org/ 6. http://www.tacticaltech.org/ 7. http://friendi.ca/ non-corporate alternative to FB 8. obscura can (android) — a tool that allows you to pixelate … Continue reading

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Activist Kitchen

Every Thursday at 18.00 In collaboration with Kakadu Kitchen, KLIT invites everyone to learn about vegan cooking while discussing activism. Topics will vary from week to week, so please keep yourself informed via this blog or the KLIT newsletter. This week Activist Kitchen is collaborating with Rhythms of Resistance (RoR) for this workshop: Rhythms of … Continue reading

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Polyamory Discussion Group

As you may have noticed in the latest October schedule of events at KLIT, we have an ongoing Polyamory Discussion Group on Monday evenings. This meeting is open only by request, so please send an email request to fork@riseup.net if you are interested in attending. In general, we consider this meeting a consciousness-raising opportunity. Participants … Continue reading


Feminist Hacklab

Every Tuesday at 17.00 This Week: “Safe Online Communication” Workshops will evolve to more specific topics as the needs of participants are shared. Initially, the premise of Feminist Hacklab is to include: Knowledge and skills of computer technology today continue to be held among those of privilege, due to preconceptions and discrimination in cultural norms, … Continue reading

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KLIT: An Intimate Opening / KLIT: Egy meghitt megnyitó

Egy queer-feminista aktivista közösségi tér Csütörtök  2012. október 11. Nagy Diófa utca 34. (keresd a K-t!) Nyitás 16:00-kor: Gyere és ismerd meg a helyet, tudj meg többet projektjeinkről! A dekonstruált Coming Out Monológok @ 20:00 After-party a Pepita Oféliában @ 22:00 DJ Vida Vera Az esti queer menü: Ínycsiklandozó falatok a Kakadu Kitchen jóvoltából, adományért … Continue reading