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Activist Kitchen

Every Thursday at 18.00

In collaboration with Kakadu Kitchen, KLIT invites everyone to learn about vegan cooking while discussing activism. Topics will vary from week to week, so please keep yourself informed via this blog or the KLIT newsletter.

This week Activist Kitchen is collaborating with Rhythms of Resistance (RoR) for this workshop:

Rhythms of Resistance Budapest invites you to a workshop on creative forms of protest, Thursday at 16:00 at KLIT. We will present the main ideas behind the concept of ‘tactical frivolity’ and also the work of the RoR Budapest samba band. There will also be a dancing workshop.

Those who are interested can join us and practice the tunes that we play on our rehearsal the following day!

Rhythms of Resistance is a transnational network of groups that play loud drums and dance in demonstrations. We combine militancy with creativity, and are in solidarity with groups struggling against oppression. We stand agains sexism, racism, homophobia, nationalism and other forms of authority or exploitation. More about RoR Budapest here.

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