Feminist Hacklab

Every Tuesday at 17.00

This Week: “Safe Online Communication”
Workshops will evolve to more specific topics as the needs of participants are shared.

Initially, the premise of Feminist Hacklab is to include:

Knowledge and skills of computer technology today continue to be held among those of privilege, due to preconceptions and discrimination in cultural norms, education opportunities and access, and community networks of professionals. It can be much more difficult for women to obtain sophisticated knowledge on technology because experts are often male persons, who don’t let them experiment and solve the problems autonomously and don’t share the knowledge. There is a lot of social pressure (being smart with computers is not a girly thing) that precludes the existence of safe spaces and helpful communities where feminists can learn and further develop their interest in this field.

Suggested Topics to be covered:
– Safe Online Communication
To improve your freedom, independence and safety in the world of computers. To learn how to solve problems autonomously. To learn how to keep your data secure from malicious attacks, and data loss.
– Linux Workshop
Learning together the basic usage and maintenance of computers running a Linux operating system, in practice. Installing Linux on your own computer. Finding solutions to your problems using Linux or other free, open source software. To understand what your computer doing, and get back the control over the technology from corporations and the male dominated tech industry.
– Blogging and Independent Media Creation
From a recent workshop at the 2012 LIFT festival, KLIT’s comrades discussed developing projects to make ourselves more autonomous in terms of information flows and less dependent on mainstream media sources. The Feminist Hacklab will workshop this issue and seek to generate broad activist support for its online media and information sharing platforms.

For more information, write to fork@riseup.net with “Feminist Hacklab” in the subject line.

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