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Transgender Day of Remembrance – KLIT event 20. November 2012

Please join us at KLIT on Tuesday, November 20th in commemorating the lives of trans*people murdered because of their gender identity or expression.

Transgender Day of Remembrance has been held since 1998, following the murder of Rita Hester, a transgender African American woman in Massachusetts, to raise public awareness of hate crimes against trans* people.  TDoR provides a space for public mourning and honors the lives of those trans* people who might otherwise be forgotten. Every 72 hours, a trans*person is reported as victim of murder, however so many more cases remain invisible, unsolved, and silenced. It is important to highlight that transsexual women of color are disproportionately targeted as victims of transphobic murders.

The Radical Queer Affinity Collective commemorated this day last year and would like to share a similar commemoration with comrades, allies, and friends at KLIT starting from 19.00 on Tuesday, the 20th of November, 2012.


19.00 – All in attendance are encouraged to join as we read the names of the 265 trans*people  reported as victims of murder in the past 12 month.

20.00 – Screening of short films, with discussion to follow







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