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KLIT Workshops <3

Here’s a list of counseling services and workshops that KLIT offers in English, Italian and German!

1. GENDER and WELL BEING – philosophical practice

pic by Whitney Stark

Through a philosophical dialogue – based on maieutic socratic method (maieutic’s ethimology derives from “midwife”: it’s a method for delivering knowledge by questioning what we already know)- we help understanding how our well being is harmed by social construction of masculinity and femininity. A gender perspective on well being can be helpful to understand oneself in relation with the world around. The activity of philosophical practice can be individual or collective, for personal interest and experience or to help a group working together without reproducing misogyny, homophobia and transphobia.

Languages: English, Italian

2. Creative Movement(s) – a well being path!

Pic by Michaelis

A workshop on contemporary dance and theatre, based on a well being aim and creativity. We learn how to breathe correctly, how to relax and feel all the parts of our bodies. At the same time we deconstruct normative movements and experiment our post-humanity!

The workshop can be organized at KLIT or anywhere else.

Language: Body

3. Consensus Decision Making 

klit counsels consensus

CDM is a method to enhance group capacities of decision. It develops through basic tips on communication skills and gestures to mediated the phase of decision making. It is a method used on an activist level but at the same time it is recommended for any kind of social organization, in the forms of couples, groups, colleagues, friendships, living projects, bands etc..The aim is to learn together how to avoid authoritarian gestures and hierarchies at work, in life, experiencing harmony and making all kinds of collaboration more effective and productive. The workshop is recommended for groups.

Languages: English, Italian, German

4. Safety, sexuology and Postporno


Tips and tricks to make your sexual life safe, aware, happy and chilly. Our experiences on safe sex counselling, construction of sex toys, video making, collective intimacy and consciousness raising are our starting point to construct (or deconstruct) sexual imaginaries. Postpornography is for us the process of re-imagining our own sexuality through the pornographic language. Far from reproducing stereotypes, our aim is raising consciousness on them and starting back from self-erotism as a tool to understand our desires, pleasure and limits. Safety, indeed, is for us connected with our understanding of ourselves. Safe sex is important too, and we promote it through a different perspective: how to include safety in our imaginaries of desire and pleasure. What is pleasure? What is pain? How do we face an awkward refusal keeping it “safe”? We will try to answer these questions together.

The specific form of the workshop can be negotiated according to the needs of the participants or organizers. It can be in the form of individual, one to one, counseling or as a collective meeting. We supply materials according to the form of the experience you want to organize for yourself or your friends.

Languages: English, Italian, German

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