D.I.Y. Menstrual Pad Making Workshop

When? Wednesday, January 16th, 7 pm (FB event)

Where? @ KLIT


How to combine femininity, health and sustainability?
D.I.Y. menstrual pads!
At this workshop we will sew menstrual pads ourselves from the natural materials. No previous knowledge is needed 🙂
Unlike the plastic disposable pads the D.I.Y. pads do not cause a sweaty rash on your pussy, and they tend to decrease the menstruation pain.
D.I.Y. pads are softer on the skin, and because they are made from fabric instead of plastics they also allow airflow, which can help prevent thrush and rashes.
D.I.Y. pads are made or cloths and they are REUSABLE, which is better for the environment than disposables. The old pads make great compost after they are worn out (which will take several years), and the water you rinse the pads in is a great fertilizer.
All the materials will be available, but if you want to experiment with patterns and fabrics, you can bring our materials (a piece of flannel/velour/cotton cloths ca. 30 sq. cm., cotton or hemp for the core, fleece or PUL for the back, needles, threads, buttons, velcro) too!

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