Klitters / workshop

Guided Masturbation Ritual

Klitters are willing to invite you to a collective experience of pleasure. As a part of our philosophy on intimacy  the ritual is aimed at reclaiming our bodies in pleasure.

Immagine 117b
We created a tool to feel comfortable sharing an intimate experience with other women with no shame, preoccupation, or pressure. Starting from a set of excercises on breathing, body movement and sounds, we train to join our individual desires with a circle of erotic energies. The aim is the exploration of pleasure, in all its forms, whithout being “orgasm-centric”, meaning that we aim at pleasure, of which orgasm can be part but does not define its success or failure. The excitement and importance for us lies in keeping the tension between the individual and collective level of pleasure. …

We create a space for a “lesbian continuum” (A. Rich), the experience of women with women independently of their sexuality.

We question the basic binaries that keep up a patriarchal hierarchy, by sharing intimacy.

This means as well that even though we gather in a “private” space, the same space is a public matter.

We seek to create new pleasure knowledges outside of the existing hierarchy of knowledge.

We guide the collective to identify a safe space within ourselves.

We promote the reclamation of space (as in the space where we conduct the workshop) and reclamation of body.

We recognize each other for the often unrecognized struggle everyone is fighting everyday

We celebrate the joy of queerness! and the politics of joy make our reclamation of space even more threatening those patriarchal structures that seek to discourage us.

 This workshop is not intended to be an experience of “sexual healing”.  

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