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KLIT at the Negyed6 Negyed7 Fesztival

The KLIT team is happy to announce that we are part of the Negyed6Negyed7 Fesztival!

Between  March 25th and April 2nd a variety of community and cultural events will take place in various locations of the Budapest’s 7th district. The organizing partners of the Association and Club Marom would like to invite the participants to jointly explore the city’s livable and lovable face. The spring festival’s rich social and cultural program is designed to explore local issues and search for innovative community responses.

The Radical Queer Affinity Collective prepared two events as part of the festival.

On Monday, March 25th we invite you for a Drag Queer Make-up Workshop. In order to develop our Drag Queer Characters, costume and makeup are very important. So we will teach basic makeup skills, how to do fabulous eye make up, how to make a fake scar on your face, or how to put a beard/mustache or any type of facial hair. During the workshop we will envision people coming to experiment and there will be people to help, teach, give advice.

You will have a chance to put the skills you learned during the workshop into practice on Friday, March 29th and join us in SRLY club at the Drag Queer Show – DragQ 2.0! This exciting show is a follow up and creation that springs form our Atelier of Tactical Frivolity. It is an event open to anyone who wants to contribute with a performance. All that has to be done is to sign up and bring a song at the day of the event. We hope to fundraise for the rent of our space: suggested donation would be 700HUF.

We invite everyone to explore the program online and join our FB page! This is a great opportunity to do something together, to get to know each other better, and built stronger ties in the local community. Join us!


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