Klitters / workshop

Erotic Poetry #1

Friday 17 May 2013 from 5pm until 10pm

KLIT invites you to join its first erotic poetry rendezvous.
We will explore and use sounds, words, and writing to praise the attraction,always already passionate and bodily, which we have for ideas, objects, concepts, or people.
There is a little tool kit that will help us to get inspired and started on our individual or collective writing process… but it is the muse that has to come and kiss us and this is not in our hands, therefore you can just drop by have a look, stay 5 minutes, an hour or even longer, observe, hang out, write, find the way how you feel most comfortable to explore the erotic potential of “your” language.

ee-cummingsImg from E.E.Cummings “Erotic Poetry”

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