Pink Block 2013 – Call for Support

Radical Queer Affinity Collective

Dear Comrades,

We are writing to request support at this summer’s Budapest Pride that takes place on Saturday the 6th of July. The Radical Queer Affinity Collective (RQAC) and RoR Budapest would like to collaborate with you to create a Pink Block.

What we envision: a well organized Pink Block, made up of autonomous groups of comrades who are well prepared and take the streets with a common tactical understanding of what we are there for.

We stand against capitalism!

Corporate political fronts are a result of lobbying efforts conducted by and for the rich, those who substantially benefit from social and economic hierarchy. In the case of queer political fronts, influential lobbying groups include the Human Rights Campaign (HRC) and similar liberal reformist organizations that do not challenge authoritarian social structures. This is why less-privileged queers—such as Trans* people, undocumented queers, refugees and queer people of color—are…

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