Klitters / Program / workshop

Erotic Poetry # 2

When? Monday, June 24th, 7 pm
Where? @ KLIT
KLIT invites you for further exploration of sounds, words, and writing to devote ourselves to the ideas, objects, concepts, or people that touch and move us. The only thing you have to bring is curiosity or interest in finding new ways of expressing an attraction,  love, joy, anger, etc. — affects that create strong bonds and touching politics. At the same time each of them is always already passionate and bodily and therefore full of erotic potential.
With a little toolkit we have prepared for you we will get started our individual or collective writing processes… but it is the muse that has to come and kiss us and this is not in our hands, therefore you can just drop by have a look, stay 5 minutes, an hour or even longer, observe, hang out, write, find the way you feel most comfortable to explore the erotic potential of “your” language.
If this all does not make sense to you, follow the link and have a look at the recitation of two poems form the last rendezvous:

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