A Cyber-punk gangbang of machines, rubber, dust, lust and horror. Mysterious posthuman creatures reclaim space in the darkness that springs from the broken streets and forgotten basements of Budapest’s urban landscape opening the gate to the crypt of desire which always dwells “inside, outside, beside” us. A carnal experiment of collective intimacy between Fetish Filmmaker Miss Alyx and Radical Queer Post-pornographers KLITTERS.

TRUE=CRYPT (Selected at Berlin Porn Film Festival 2013)
Genre: postporn/porn horror fetish cyberpunk
Film by: Miss Alyx
Produced by: KLITTERS and Miss Alyx
With: Miss Alyx, Baba Jaga, Coco, Oprana Kim, Antonin Morose, ?Alos
Music: ?Alos -MUVIC- Andrea Lepri
Trailer: Manuel Zoetrope (http://vimeo.com/74297983)

IMDb: http://www.imdb.com/title/tt3390310/combined

The movie has been selected at 8th Porn Film Festival in Berlin, it was projected at DEGENDER FEST al CSA Baraonda (Milan), @KLIT (Budapest), @XM24 (Revolt Rituals event), Entzaubert Film Festival, Grottarossa

By now you can rent the movie (max 14 days for $3.99) at: MFEN

You can watch the trailer here!

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