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Csikló Power Lifting Workshop: Fabulously Vajazzle Your Punci

RQAC invites you to participate in a workshop at this weekend’s Lesbian Identities Festival (LIFT) in Budapest.

You can follow LIFT on FB or find the full program here.


We’ll be at Muszi from 15.00-17.00. Come join us!

Csikló Power Lifting Workshop: Fabulously Vajazzle Your Punci

After peeling, depilation, body disciplining and what not, this is another recent normative capitalist intervention into female body that rules in the commercial media around the world: vajazzling. It refers mostly to decorating “your intimate parts” with crystals or shining tattoos.

We support cherishing, glorifying and deifying our pussies but we claim it back! We want it for ourselves and not for societal expectation of what a “perfect pussy” should look like!

If you were not told that the vagina is part of your genitalia, what would it be for you? If you were not told that this is an essential part of being a woman, which use would you give to it?
How would you dress your vagina? Or what would your vagina wear? Which is your vaginas favourite colour? In what colour would you like to see your vagina? Which flower in the lawn? Or a well of loneliness? Endless options only limited by our own creativity, an infinite stage for expression and experimentation.

Therefore women* are invited to present their own intimacy, political and poetical imagination and humor in free style decorating their own pussies, representing its results by polaroid photos to others or not.

women* = trans women are welcome

Requirements: If you would like more information or if you already have some special material that you need/would like for your pussy decoration let us know and we try our best to support you: fork@riseup.net
***For a bit more background, the workshop’s facilitators present their personal and political journey that brought them to this idea:

In the summer evening by the Danube we started talking of vajazzling, and at the time i had never heard of it. But as soon as i went googling it proved to be a well known commercial practice wide spread around europe. From the texts and photos it became clear that it is a hollywood trend that can be easily queered up. Queering up any pro-women but clearly non feminist practice is reclaiming our fabulousness and dignity that is hijacked by liberalists and then perpetuated with and by women themselves. There’s no hope to liberate ourselves from oppression by disciplining our bodies unless we are able to reflect upon numerous practices and systems that construct us as women (and men). This is a workshop that demonstrates how genitals are not our defining factor but that each pussy can/must still be a source of imagination, desire and self or mutual appreciation.

We’re always looking for new ways to reclaim spaces and our bodies in those spaces. A group of women getting together to tell stories, poetry, political messages on their pussies … what’s not to like? I’m not exactly sure what stories we’ll tell, but I know that the process of interrogating my own images/tropes/traumas associated with my pussy is a super political process that I want to share with my comrades.

Check out our sketch toy gallery on the topic and please add your own creations in the comments if you feel so inspired!

Sketch 1, 2, 3, 4

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