Ruins – Chronicle of an HIV witch-hunt

ruins-wallpaper-1024x768-1-en-300x225Infoshop Screening: Ruins – Chronicle of an HIV witch-hunt

During the 16 days transnational campaign on violence against women Infoshop invites you to the screening of RUINS (2013, 57′), a documentary directed by Zoe Mavroudi, about the criminalization of HIV in Greece. The story of a group of HIV- positive women who were detained by the Greek Police, forcibly tested, charged with a felony, imprisoned and publicly exposed, when their mug shots and personal data were published in the media, in the run-up to the country’s 2012 national elections.
The screening will be followed by a discussion.

When: Monday, December 2nd, 2013 at 18h
Where: KLIT, Budapest (for the exact address of the venue, please contact us at ).

RUINS website:

Visit Infoshop website:

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