activist at work / in solidarity

Activist at Work: No-TAV — The Valley that Resists


What: ‘Activist at Work’ Screening / Discussion
When: 16.00 (Sunday, December 8th)
Where: KLIT
Who: Free and open to all

This Thursday evening’s event comes together in a kind of fog or darkness of a present which never presents itself. It only seems to recede, or retreat, and in retreating leaves behind bits of evidence of its own undoing or unravelling.

To begin in another way, it would appear today, that every power imaginable, at this juncture of history, is completely committed – even if it resorts to killing, torturing, abusing, lying, misleading, and debasing every standard of right or justice – to destroy the most promising political struggles of this new century. Struggles which have resemblances, not simply in the forms they take or the processes they employ, but also in their aspirations – transgressing borders and even continents. And these struggles all share – despite the specific histories and modes in which the concentration of power and forces of dispossession have taken shape – a certain assertion of a common over the interests of a few.

They also share the inevitable walls they encounter in the form of militarized police, rogue states (including the ‘united’ one from which we write to you), and discredited governors, so duplicitous and so schizoid, that whatever they do or say in the name of justice or truth can only but seem to serve its opposite.

On this upcoming Sunday in December, we will turn our discussion toward Italy, where for twenty years, in Val Susa, inhabitants of a whole region have been resisting the construction of a high velocity railroad, creating one of the most powerful movements today in the EU fighting against ecological degradation and for people ‘self-determination.

Our comrade will add to the series of Activists at Work by speaking about the significance of this struggle, in the context of the valley’s history and the situation in Italy today, especially in this moment of intense economic and political crisis. She will also discuss the attack that the NO TAV Movement is presently undergoing and the strategies and methods of struggles the movement has developed during the last two decades.

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