in solidarity

*IN SOLIDARITY* queer activists beaten by the police at Poznań Economic University (PL)

Radical Queer Affinity Collective

Police attacked demonstrators protesting against a lecture at theUniversity of Economics in Poznan – they were beaten and tased while 
staging the protest. Three protesters were arrested (released now). 
All three were charged with assaulting police officers and trespassing 
on university territory.

poznan2 On the 5th of December catholic priest Professor Paweł Bortkiewicz delivered a talk at the Economic University of Poznań entitled “Does gender devastate life and family?” (after an immense pressure from academic community changed from the initial affirmative “Gender – devastation of life and family”). The lecture, blaming gender (it’s never clear what exactly is blamed, but most certainly – gender studies at Polish universities, gender equality as a one of educational principles at schools, feminist and lgbtq movements, etc.) for destroying the identity of the family, for abortion, employment of women (!) and detaining children in nurseries (!), is part of the growing campaign by the…

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