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Activist at Work: Resistance Through Moving Pictures

Gitarlı eleman

On the 31st of May, 2013 protestors in Taksim Gezi Park (Istanbul) greeted the day with tear gas canisters shot by the police. They were there to protest against the demolition of the park as a part of an urban renewal project with the intention of redeveloping Gezi Park to build a shopping mall in the look of a military barracks. The initial protests which began as a contestation of the development plan soon transformed into one of the largest wave of protests in the history of the Republic of Turkey.

In this workshop, through a number of videos circulating on Youtube, we will try to look closer into the dynamics of the protests. In so doing, we hope to initiate a discussion on the following questions:

How as activists from different contexts we relate to the protests and uprisings in different geographies and locations?

What are the effects and implications of cultural products capturing and representing protest movements for our politics?

What are the possibilities and limitations of culture as a site of resistance and transformation?

Please join us at KLIT to share and strategize. We look forward to seeing you.

***17.00 SUNDAY, 26 JANUARY 2014***

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