Klitters / workshop

}}Squeerting{{ Discussion on Sunday at **16.00


For those of you who squirt, for those who feel like giving it a go but
don't know where to start from, for those who would like to question its
political importance, for those to whom it happened one day but stopped
it, for those who doubt it happens at all...

RQAC invites you to this evening of collective debate around the topic in
which we will queer ideas around squirting and share our knowledges,
doubts, fears and pleasures when exploring our sexualities.

This is a workshop open only to people who have a vagina.

We remind you and ourselves, that Klit is a queer feminist space where we
intend to pursue safe space politics and strategies for self and
collective care. The workshop will start by defining participant's
boundaries and approaches to discussing sexuality, please come on time,
once we start it won't be open for new participants.

Thank you for your understanding and hopefully see you there!

This SUNDAY, 2nd February 2014 - at **16.00 !!!

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