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Update on feminist Self-defence trainings

Our launching feminist self-defence training passed with great satisfaction to the trainers and participants involved. As we already announced during the training, we meet again with our trainers rada and suse from vienna, this saturday, 1st and sunday, 2nd of march, both days for 5 hours, starting from 11am, by the following schedule:

from 11-14h and from 15-17.30h

Apart from the same instructions as for the last training regarding coming on time and items like mats, clothes, soft shoes, rqac would like to invite you to also bring your own vegan food with you if plan not to go out during the lunch time but rather stay in, and share with some other participants and our new trainers in nice chatting and munching atmosphere. In doing so, take into consideration that trainers are offering the training to us for free, out of solidarity. 

The maximum number of participants is 15. Written cancellations from participants are expected to arrive 24 hours prior to the training so that the ones waiting for approval can join. We will discuss the maintaining of fsdtraining, the next date and other details in a group at the end of the training. 
For additional info contact:

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