Yoga for an Activist Body

UPDATE! On Sundys we will also meet at 6 pm. Next yoga meeting is on Sunday March 16th at 6 pm in KLIT!

We are happy to announce regular yoga classes in KLIT! Thanks to our friend and trainer Petra, we will have a chance to stretch and move a bit together!

We will meet once a week, alternating between Thursdays at 6 pm and Sundays at 6 pm (interchangeably). We start on Friday, March 7th  at 6 pm. For a detailed meetings schedule, please check our program here.

If you wish to participate in the class, prior registration is needed. Please, write to and put “yoga for an activist body” in the subject.

Here is a message from our trainer Petra: a few words about my background and approach to yoga: first off, i’m a novice teacher of yoga whom you do a great favor by giving an opportunity for teaching and learning with you. secondly, i’m also a phd student who spends most of her days sitting hunch-backed (unless on my bike or rolling on the floor with my daughter). thus, i myself do not have the ultra-flexy yoga body of yoga brochures: it’s tight in some places, weak in others, tender elsewhere. this is what i will come into the space with, and please you too come with your bodies as they are. for me yoga is a space of learning from and through the body, without expectations towards its performance. joga  

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