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KLIT: A Queer Feminist Community Safe Space in Budapest (Hungary) needs your help NOW!

klitlogo5long1.jpgWho we are

Two years ago, we began to work on building up a queer feminist community space here in Budapest. Now KLIT hosts seven different non-institutional groups covering topics from trans* issues to radical high-school activism. We are currently seven activist groups in KLIT: The Radical Queer Affinity Collective, the Freeshop Collective, TransVanilla, TETT, Rhythms of Resistance, the Infoshop Collective and the New Wave Faggots.

Due to conservative political pressures and heavy cracking down on alternative uses of urban space, our main allied cultural centers in Budapest have been closed down over the past two years. Although it is not presented in international media, Budapest’s micropolitics systematically target politically critical spaces, homeless, independent artists, anarchists, non-national anything, migrants, women, LGBT (for example:

Under the current political conditions, it is practically impossible to squat. Since most alternative spaces have been evicted, the needs of our space has grown as many of our allied groups and individuals have turned to KLIT. In KLIT, our groups screen films, conduct workshops, run an infoshop, a free shop, share knowledge and skills on DIY activities, hold assemblies, host activists in need, organize and participate in demonstrations.

Why we need your support

The safety of our space has been and is a priority and necessary condition for our actions. Due to the current themes that we work on, such as gender, sexuality, migration, we need to pay for the rent of this space in order to keep KLIT as it is: a dedicated safe space for women, queer and trans*people!

We are getting evicted now! The only thing we need money for is rent to cover the remaining 2 months of our stay in the current location. So far this has been covered for 18 months by FRIDA: the Young Feminist Fund. Through our various activities, we have exhausted this funding. So we need around 1000 Euros to bring us through May 2014, until we find together with our allies another solution. If you have the capacity to throw a solidarity party for our community, or any other way to fundraise to meet our goal, it would be empowering for us.

If you want to know more or have any questions, check our blog or write to


Call for Solidarity with KLIT 21 march in PDF version


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