in solidarity

Solidarity with Atlantide


The Radical Queer Affinity Collective stands in solidarity with our comrades in Atlantide squat in Bologna in Italy, that is under a threat of eviction after 15 years of social and political activism!

“Atlantide is not a public space in the sense of the state or a private space governed by the laws of profit. Atlantide is a place of sharing, which is centered around the material aspects of living under precarious conditions, in a continuous process of exchange, and open encounters and constant renegotiations of the rules of social living in the space of self-government that we have created.”

From Budapest to Bologna, we want to express our strongest support for all the collectives occupying the space at Piazza di Porta S. Stefano 6 and reclaiming it for radical, queer, lesbian, punk, trans* , antifa political organising! This self-organised social space must be considered a common good of the greatest value for the community of Bologna, as well as outside of it. Be strong and resist! You are not alone!

We also call for international support of this struggle!


Atlantide info: atla  @

AtlantideResiste blog:

petition for Atlantide: / atlantideresiste

facebook AtlantideResiste:



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