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Post-Punkurica Resource Collection – Please send us your contributions!!!

Hello friends, allies, community members and festival participants of Inqeersections in Utrecht, NL and/or Punkurica: The Happening in Budapest, HU!


As you may or may not know, these two gatherings were a joint project, aimed at bringing queer, feminist, radical communities together. And we were very happy! Thanks so much for being the adorable, disgusting, beautiful, freaky gatherings of energy that you are.

We had envisioned having a final publication about the joint projects. We have decided we want to try and create something that is a much more broad and accessible resource. And so, we are creating an online platform that we hope will be of use, and bring joy to all of us.

We would love your contributions! Please feel free to submit work in any language and format, we can figure it out from there. These could include, but are not limited to, responses to the following:

  • We want to use and connect to what we have all already done and use. Can we link to your sites, blogs, photos, research (of all kinds!), past projects?
  • If there was video or photos taken of you and/or your presentation, can we publish them on the site? Do you have any (especially from Punkirica) that we could use?
  • Would you like to make something about/based on/inspired from one or both gatherings (these could be text, videos, art pieces, etc.)?
  • We are experimenting with the intersectional, overlapping possibilities of web spaces. With this, we would like to link many things together (like, literally, hyperlinks), what other things do you find embedded in your work? Any keywords, #hashtags?
  • What inspires you? We want to compile a friends and resources page as well. What groups, texts, projects, blogs, etc. have inspired and helped you? Do you have any advice for others doing this work (workshop curricula, power points, funding strategies…)?
  • Our favorite key words so far: rituals, intersectionality, transnational, collectivity, transformation

We understand that everyone is busy (or, hopefully, rather on holiday!), but if you can, please answer at least the first two points. Please get back to us by Sunday, September 7th. Write us at fork@riseup.net with any questions, ideas, links, submissions.

So you know, before we advertise the page, we plan on having a ‘soft launch’ in which it will be accessible online in order to get feedback from all of you!


In love and solidarity,

The group of friends in Utrecht and the Radical Queer Affinity Collective.

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