PUNKURICA – call for participation


Rituals of collective transformation 

Call for experiments/submissions:

Come to our Happening  from the 16th to 18th of May 2014 in Budapest!  The Radical Queer Affinity Collective invites for an experimental  interrogation of “the personal is political”. How many (fucking) times  have we seen this tool turning into a weapon against ourselves? This performative Happening seeks to  resituate the practices of consciousness raising and public/street action under  the umbrella of the personal is political. Under this umbrella we  find ourselves devouring three main themes: self-/collective care  and safer spaces, trans nationality and temporarily, and hierarchy of  knowledge production and sharing.

When we first developed the idea for this Happening and this Call for Submissions we actually had a safe space . As a collective, our main strategy so far has been reclaiming space, the main part was running a community space for women, trans*, and queer people – KLIT – from which we got evicted last week. Therefore, we are currently and literally undergoing a critical transformation. We want to proactively take agency in this transformation and we want to think about ritual as a way to find continuity/affinity in the face of these emotional, material, and political challenges.++

We see every submission and/or participation in the Happening  as a contribution to a different  approach to deal with collective dissolution and other breakups, burn  outs and heartbreaks, and  at times  the unbearable weight of our precarities.

Technical details: 

·We will host you the best we can J  (if you have any special need/request feel free to communicate this to us)

·We will provide everything needed for self organized vegan lunch and dinner

·We have set aside money for supporting visa and travel costs (please  contact us at fork@riseup.net <mailto:fork@riseup.net>)

·There will be a highly structured program and concerts (we  are thinking of spreading your contributions of activities during the  daytime and sweaty concerts, and performances  at night time — though that depends on your submissions)

·This is version 1 of the call, please see how it transforms by  following our blog.

About your submissions:

·Due date for submissions: the upcoming full moon (April 15th 2014)

·Topic: the personal is political  –  inspired by, building on, or directly dealing with

May submissions be touched by utopic failure and not held back by time or space considerations. Feel free to submit in the language you feel most comfortable. We will find a way to understand each other. And we will try do our best to find space and time for all desires and come back to you. We would like to problematize the monolithic notion of the  perfect activist that has always the right words and invite for  creativity. Please submit  workshops/games/performances/exhibitions/rituals that allow for  non-hierarchical creative engagement

++Ritual:  For us ritual has to do with an intangible energy, either creative, blocking, or somewhere in-between, that has the potential to be collectively worked on. The ritual is an act (ranging from abstract to bodily) that can be used as a tool that empowers us to hold the tension between letting go and finding new/ rediscovering/ strengthening affinities.

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